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Sticky Sticky: New Voice Service!

July 19, 2013, 9:39 pm - written by Zin at 21:39:00 • Guild News

Alright Here's the information for the Mumble Server. I will also be including some information that might be important for someone who's never used Mumble before.


NINJA Server Info:

  • IP: ninja.mumble.com
  • Port: 5995
  • Password: NoHomo


Mumble download/information:


Mumble Setup information:

RF online

April 10, 2013, 8:38 pm - written by Zin at 20:38:00 • Guild News

Leaders/Officers who are planning to play RF Online. Since I am not playing RF. You guys need to periodically check the website for new Members/Applicants.

TERA going Free 2 Play

January 17, 2013, 10:16 pm - written by Zin at 22:16:00 • Guild News

As some of you already know TERA will be going Free 2 play in February. You can already play for free now if you simply use the free trial. That will allow you to play all the way up till it goes Free 2 Play. If you haven't tried out TERA before then I highly recommend that you do so. The Action combat + the graphics of the environment will draw  you in. I know I was surely addicted for quite a while just learning to SOLO BAMs (Big Ass Monsters) on my own. Plus I love the tanking system in the game. If you decide to try it out go ahead and let me or others know. If there's enough of you guys around I'll be on to help with dungeons and quests when u need it.

Back from Vacation

December 17, 2012, 2:58 am - written by Zin at 02:58:00 • Guild News

As some of you have noticed already I have already been AFK'ing in vent for the past 2 days. Hopefully RF Beta has been going well for everyone with the increase in rates. I probably wont be on much for a little whlie just because I'm still in vacation mode and dont really feel like working my brain at all or talking to people on vent at the moment (aka: me ignoring PM's.. I see em.. just not paying attention to them.. sorry ahead of time! lol). I don't think I will be jumping on RF for the rest of BETA until maybe Release. So you all keep it up and strive to be the best as usual. Catch you all later!

Gone on Vacation.

December 9, 2012, 2:58 am - written by Zin at 02:58:00 • Guild News

Alright, I'll personally be gone for a week on Vacation. So if there's any issues with the Site I will be a little slow on working on it. I'll try to log in when and where I can to make sure things are going okay. But for the most part I dont plan on being online much while I'm gone out of the country. You all enjoy RF Online Beta!

Some Forum Threads deleted.

December 8, 2012, 1:20 am - written by Zin at 01:20:00 • Guild News

Alright, had some nice little bots flood our forums. So I had to roll back and delete some stuff. Some of you will have to poste anything important back on.

Ventrilo Info:

December 6, 2012, 2:14 am - written by Zin at 02:14:00 • Guild News

Vent Info since so many people are asking for it:


ip: chicago.vent4rent.com

port: 3081

pass: NoHomo


At the moment it is set to public. But if I find that we start having issues with random people coming in uninvited or causing trouble then we'll go back to blackout mode and only allow certain people access to enter vent.

Forums Up

December 4, 2012, 3:12 pm - written by Zin at 15:12:00 • Guild News

Forums up again for those of you who would rather discuss things in there instead. Decided to not link the forum logins with the Site logs since that seemed to make things a little messy. So the Website and Forums will be on different databases.  

Go and Register.


New People hoping to apply for guild: Please go and put a guild Application into the Forums if you haven't already been invited. If you have already been invited then go ahead and just apply here on the main site.

MySQL Databases back up.

November 30, 2012, 11:04 pm - written by Zin at 23:04:00 • Site News

Alright, earlier today the MySQL database servers for our host iPage.com went down. Talked to a representative and it looked like they were already working on fixing it by the time I talked to them.  As you can see it's back up and running after a couple of hours. 

User Registration set to Private

November 29, 2012, 12:05 am - written by Zin at 00:05:00 • General

Alright guys. I have finished moving the domain over to this website. Officers and Admins this is how you will activate or deactive a user in the future when they register.

How to activate new Users for Officers and Admins:

1st method:

  • click on Administration Panel > Users > Users Management
  • once you are there you will see a list of Users. Search for the person who asked you to register them or look for the + sign under "Actions" category.
  • by clicking on the + sign it will activate the user and you should see the page refresh and the + becomes a - 

2nd method:

  • Admin Panel > General Admin > Task Management
  • Will show all Tasks that need to be done. (e.g. Accepting Users, approving/disaprove user options) 


Here is a list of current users who have access to accept new users:

Zin , Owidd, Gauron, Resin, Langoralla, Latto, and JinTec


Incase I am not around for any reason and something needs to be done or fixed. Please get a hold of JinTec in Ventrilo and have him get a hold of me. We live in the same house so he'll be able to get a hold of me in person or through the phone.



New Template

November 28, 2012, 5:58 am - written by Zin at 05:58:00 • Site News

Alright, after a few hours of tinkering around. I finally have a new template up. It's friendlier on the eyes and has a better feel to it. Took me a while to get most of the coding right.

02.07.15 15:11:03

Uh, I think he is Justin Ellingsworth on facebook. Not 100% sure though, since it's been a while.. lol

02.06.15 16:39:41

Hey Lang, but he should be on the FB group. Not sure if you are on there.

02.06.15 04:54:44

Anyone have contact info for marine?

12.19.14 17:59:18

Guess I'll give it a try after the hollidays then.

12.18.14 05:49:00

So far me and tony already made it to lvl 65. haven't done much for the new dungeons yet.

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